For over a decade, Tuning Solutions has made bespoke audio-visual services accessible for all. Our extensive range of services have enhanced homes and businesses with easy-to-use, forward-thinking technology, installed with a designer’s eye. Over the last few years, we have extended our field of expertise to include smart home installations, which has become one of the most popular elements of what we do. We are passionate about the lifestyle benefits of home automation, and as authorised Control4 dealers we can help you make the most of the latest that smart home technology has to offer. Creating a smart home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task – simply start small, with something like an Amazon Alexa Speaker or a Ring Doorbell, and add in further products as and when you want to.
Whether you want multi-room audio for your home or a seamlessly integrated security set up for your business, we pride ourselves on extending the same level of dedication and professionalism to all our customers, with a service tailored to you and your needs. And by really taking the time to get to know our clients, we provide an unparalleled quality of service to help you get the best from your setup. If it’s smart home functionality you’re after, the options are almost endless – from getting your blinds to open at a certain time each morning, to setting up security cameras that you can view from your phone, the entire project will be designed with your unique requirements at the forefront.
At Tuning Solutions, every job begins and ends with the client. By working alongside you, we can fully understand your requirements and ideas to create a setup that is perfect for you. Each project begins with an initial consultation, where you can tell us what you’re looking for. We will then combine your ideas with our expert knowledge to design and implement your vision. Clear communication throughout will leave you confident both in the products we have recommended and in the project as it unfolds. For us, the process is only finished when you are completely happy with your new set-up. We call it the ‘demo ready’ test – if you’d feel confident showing it off to your friends and family, then we’ve done our job!
Our products are designed to enhance your home, saving you money on your energy bills (with smart heating and lighting) and adding value to your property with options like automated blinds. Having the wiring infrastructure for a multitude of smart home features is a great way of future proofing your home whether you stay and enjoy it or end up moving on. And there’s no need to worry about our installations detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your home – the visual element of each project is as important to us as it is to you. Have a look at some of our work whilst you’re here to see how careful consideration means our technology enhances beautiful homes.
Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or you would prefer us to recommend an entire system from scratch, you can be safe in the knowledge that the result will be easy to use and ideally suited to your needs. Our mission is to leave you with a set up that your lifestyle will love.